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For articles and text
If it’s © Greenpeace, you’re free to use it for personal or educational use.
Please include a note saying “Source: Greenpeace (” and reproducing any byline or copyright information in the original.

For images
Please contact us to request use of any Greenpeace image. Use of any Greenpeace image without permission would constitute copyright infringement and might infringe other rights.

News images of reproduction quality (around 8 megabyte in size) distributed by Greenpeace to journalists and agencies via this site are intended for use within fourteen days, and archiving of these images is strictly forbidden. After fourteen days, please contact Greenpeace at the address below:

Greenpeace Photo and Video Library
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For Photo
Tel: 202 462 1177

For Video
Tel: 202 462 1177

NB: Some images which appear at our site are reproduced by permission, and do not bear a “© Greenpeace” imprimatur. Please inquire of the copyright source listed on these images for reproduction.

If you feel that content on a Greenpeace website is being used in violation of copyright protections, contact us at: Please include your name, contact information, and a detailed description of the alleged copyright infringement.

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