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Compass, Greenpeace’s quarterly members’ magazine, is a field report on the campaigns our members are helping wage around the world. By clicking the buttons below, you’ll travel from our Greenpeace Fund website to Greenpeace, Inc., where you can access the current and previous versions of Compass e-magazine’s high-definition videos, photos, and interactive content.

Spring 2018

You'll find common threads you might not expect in this issue, like between the Arctic Sunrise’s exciting voyage to one of the most remote areas on Earth and what’s happening in Indonesia’s irreplaceable rainforests.

The latest news on dirty tar sands pipelines, the ocean plastic pollution crisis, and what’s going on with the world’s top maker of smartphones share recurring themes as well. All of these things are crucial to saving our climate and holding corporations accountable.

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Winter 2017

The growing dangers of the Trump administration that threaten world peace, racial justice, our environment and health, are spurring communities to work together. Activists are turning outrage into action. Everyday people are showing up en masse, ready to step up and fight for a different future.

Fall 2017

In the face of an administration that won’t listen to our communities, our scientists, our environmental stewards, or even the truth, it is clear that we need to RESIST as urgently as ever to protect people and the planet. From the beginning, Greenpeace activists have put their bodies on the line in bold acts of defiance and peaceful protest. And this summer, we opened the doors wide to share our decades of experience.

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