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Who are Greenpeace's Partners in Action?

Greenpeace's Partners in Action are some of the most dedicated Greenpeace members. Your tax-deductible annual gift helps protect the planet and gives you special access behind the scenes through our Greenpeace Live events, our quarterly members magazine Compass and invitations to variety of events and opportunities throughout the year.


Greenpeace Live!

Greenpeace Live is your opportunity to go behind the scenes with our campaigners, researchers and media experts. Partners in Action receive special alerts to join these exciting live events, getting the chance to have your questions answered and share your thoughts with other members of the global Greenpeace movement.


Compass Magazine

Compass, Greenpeace’s quarterly members’ magazine, is a field report on the campaigns our members are helping wage around the world. By clicking the button below, you’ll travel from our Greenpeace Fund website to Greenpeace, Inc., where you can access Compass e-magazine’s high-definition videos, photos, and interactive content.


Notes from the Field

Hear about the work that Greenpeace campaigners, allies, explorers and scientists are doing in their own words. Our periodic Notes from the Field series takes you into ancient forests, to the bottom of the sea and beyond.

Greenpeace relies completely on charitable contributions from our supporters.

Greenpeace is the world's leading independent, environmental campaigning organization. We do not take money from governments or corporations. By becoming a Partner in Action, your tax-deductible gift  not only provides Greenpeace with a dependable base of support it saves time, banking fees and paper by not having to send supporters future reminders and renewal notices.


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