Greenpeace Fund Board Members.


Tom Newmark

Greenpeace Fund Board Chair

Tom Newmark is a co-owner of Luna Nueva farm and lodge in the rainforest of Costa Rica, and founder of Semillas Sagradas, one of the New World’s largest and most comprehensive sanctuaries for endangered plant species.


John Passacantando

John Passacantando’s career has taken him from Wall Street to philanthropy to a leading role in the global fight to stop climate change. Passacantando completed eight years as executive director of Greenpeace USA in 2008, the longest serving director in the history of the organization.


Jee Kim

Jee Kim has been active in various social justice, immigrant rights and (new) media efforts for many years. He currently works on increasing civic and political participation as a program officer at the Ford Foundation.


Jeffrey Hollender

Jeffrey Hollender is a leading authority on corporate responsibility, sustainability and social equity. More than twenty-three years ago, he co-founded Seventh Generation and went on to build the fledgling company into a leading natural product brand.


Ellen Dorsey

Ellen Dorsey is executive director of the Wallace Global Fund.


Greenpeace relies completely on charitable contributions from our supporters.

Greenpeace is the world's leading independent, environmental campaigning organization. We do not take money from governments or corporations.Every ship in our fleet, every expedition we lead and every journey we take is powered by the support of private foundations and people like you.

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